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We've Changed Our Name!

Alternative Health Improvement Center is now Alternative Health Atlanta - Women's & Children's Health in Caring Hands

We're not changing anything else.

  • No ownership changes
  • No staff or practitioner changes
  • No changes in our treatments or programs
  • No changes in who we treat

Why did we decide to change our name?

We changed our name to more clearly communicate to the public and our prospective patients who we are and what we do. We have for many years been a destination clinic. Patients come from all over the Atlanta area, the state of Georgia and out of state.

Our tag line: Women's & Children's Health in Caring Hands, reflects that we've always seen women and children and so have become especially expert in this area. The logo is to help people differentiate us in this area and communicate this expertise.

However, we'll still help men, as we always have!

How to contact us.

We have new web site and email addresses:

Check out our new website!

Check out our new website: Alternative Health Atlanta


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